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Adoption Application

  1. I Currently Own*
  2. If you own, please enter the name, age, and breed of your pet(s)
  3. Is/are your pet(s) sterilized; neutered/spayed/can't make babies?*
  4. Veterinarian Information*
  5. Reason you want to adpot*
  6. What problems do you feel unprepared for:*
  7. Have you ever surrendered an animal?*
  8. Have you adopted from us before?*
  9. How did you hear about us?*
  10. Where will the animal be kept during the day?*
  11. How many hours are you usually away from home; ie work or school?*
  12. Where will the animal sleep?*
  13. Household members*
  14. The shelter wants to insure you have a great experience with your new fur-baby and in doing so, the shelter wants to make sure the animal you adopt is best suited for your home. Some animals don't do well with other animals, smaller children, men, or women. If the history is not known, the shelter does not guarantee the behavior or health of any animal. The shelter will inform you of any concerning areas or health issues noted. It's important you know breed requirements, temperament, grooming, health issues, size, and weight. Most of our animals are mixed, but you can usually tell the main breed...but not always a guarantee. Animals are adopted "as is" and the shelter doesn't guarantee the behavior, disposition, health, habits, training, or temperament. Noted issues are entered on the animal's record.
  15. Do you have children living with you?*
  16. Household activity
  17. Does everyone in your household agree with adopting a pet?
  18. Thank you for wanting to save a life. By submitting this form, you acknowledge all information is correct and accurate to your knowledge. Submitting an application does not mean it's approved. Once your application is reviewed, a staff member will make contact with you.
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