My pet was impounded. How do I reclaim my animal and what will it cost?

Prior to reclaiming your pet, you must provide proof your pet is current on its rabies vaccination. Contact your veterinarian and request a faxed copy of your pet’s rabies certificate. The shelter’s fax number is 706-769-2933. Owners are responsible for all boarding and impound fees and fees are due at the time of reclaim. If your pet is not current, you are required to purchase a pre-paid rabies voucher from a veterinarian. The cost will vary by each clinic. You have 3 business days to vaccinate your pet. If you elect not to comply, a citation may be issued. Boarding and Impound Fees start on the first day the animal is impounded. All animals, without a rabies tag on the collar, will receive the following: - A Microchip upon reclaim (if not micro-chipped already) - Bordetella – kennel cough vaccination (dogs only) - Distemper vaccination - Wormer Find reclaim fees on our page.

Departmental Fees (PDF) page.

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