What do the pet adoption fees include?

The fee for dogs or cats is $90. The price includes sterilization, rabies and distemper vaccinations, micro-chipping, wormer, and a light veterinary exam. All animals are sterilized prior to release for adoption and will be picked up from the veterinarian’s office unless prior arrangements are made with the shelter. Oconee County Animal Services does not guarantee the health, temperament, or behavior of an adopted animal. If problems are evident, the shelter will disclose the information to the adopter. Oconee County Animal Services accepts checks and MasterCard, Visa, and Discover cards. A convenience fee of 3% is added when using cards.

The shelter is partnered with PetSmart and has total access to the Cat Adoption Center located on Epps Bridge Road and with the store supplying all food, litter, cleaning materials, and volunteers cleaning, the shelter is able to adopt these cats at a reduced price; $50. This discount applies to animals at PetSmart only, unless otherwise noted.

To view the shelter’s animal inventory, please go to: petango.com/oconeecountyanimalcontrol

If you have any difficulty navigating the page, please feel free to contact the shelter at your earliest convenience. 706.769.3956

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