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Posted on: June 15, 2020

Oconee County COVID-19 Conference Call Update

On Sunday, June 14, Chairman John Daniell participated in a conference call with area healthcare providers and hospitals. Below is a joint statement that was issued following the conference call on June 14:

Today we held another conference call with our local hospitals and healthcare providers for the latest updates on COVID-19.

We continue to hear that hospitalizations and other data points remain stable, and our providers remain in a strong position to deliver care to all patients.

Fortunately, the brief spike we saw locally a couple of weeks ago due to nursing home patients has subsided. Nursing homes are in a stronger position to combat the spread and have been able to better address this challenge.

Additionally, as more research has become available, physicians are better able to treat positive patients. While there is no single cure, we are seeing less patients end up in ICU and less patients requiring ventilators.

In terms of PPE and testing, our healthcare facilities remain in a good position. As a result, they continue to open up operations further. We want to again remind everyone that hospitals and healthcare facilities are safe to visit for routine medical care, emergencies and elective surgeries.

Our providers do have another challenge looming with the financial impact COVID-19 has caused. Let’s continue to support our medical community as it works through this difficult time.

Finally, we must remember to continue to be smart. COVID-19 is still active, and as we continue to reopen, we must remain vigilant.

Mayor Kelly Girtz
Mayor Dodd Ferrelle
Chairman John Daniell
Senator Bill Cowsert
Senator Frank Ginn
Representative Spencer Frye
Representative Houston Gaines
Representative Marcus Wiedower