Smoke Testing

Oconee County to Conduct Smoke Testing of Sanitary Sewer System

Safe, cost-effective process identifies areas for maintenance 

Smoke testing is a safe and cost-effective way to detect defects in the sewer line where storm and other surface waters may be entering the system.

During smoke testing, blowers are used to send an artificially-produced, non-toxic, non-staining smoke through a blocked-off segment of the sanitary sewer line. If the line is in good condition, the forced smoke will emerge from manhole lids along the line and house vents on the roof. If the line has defects, smoke will escape through any breaks.

The smoke used during the testing is commonly used in the industry, leaves no residue, poses no fire hazard, and is safe for people, pets, and plants. However, if there are individuals in the smoke testing area who have respiratory problems and are immobile, please notify Oconee County Water Resources at 706-769-3960 prior to testing.

Under normal circumstances, smoke will not enter a residence; however, it is possible that smoke may enter through a dried-out drain trap or a plumbing defect. To prevent smoke entering the home through unused drain traps, please fill all drain traps with a minimum of one quart of water prior to testing. If smoke does enter a home, it should be reported to the crews conducting the test. Repairs to internal plumbing are at the homeowner’s discretion. Please note that if smoke can enter your home, dangerous sewer gases can, as well.

For questions about smoke testing, or more information, please call 706-769-3960.

Smoke Testing Information

Schedule Updates

Oconee County Water Resources will conduct smoke testing May 29 through June 9, around HWY 316, HWY 78, and Mars Hill corridors located in zone A and in Brookshire subdivision located in zone B, as shown on the accompanying maps below. Oconee County Water Resources is notifying all citizens and businesses located within the test areas.

Map Showing Smoke Test Area

Map Showing Smoke Test Area