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Mark Saxon

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Commissioner Saxon has lived in Oconee County for 48 years. He was born in Walton County in March of 1963 to Marvin and Joyce Saxon. He attended Oconee County schools from First Grade through graduation in 1982. After graduation, he attended Georgia Southern University until 1986 where he studied Criminal Justice. Mark joined the Georgia Army National Guard in 1983 and served the Guard until 1986 when he joined the active Army. He continued his service with the military until 2007, at which time he retired with 24 years of service as a Sergeant Major.

Mark’s military education includes: United States Army Sergeants Major Academy, Battle Skills Course, Military Police Course, Primary Leadership Course, Basic and Advanced Leadership Course, Terrorism in Low Intensity Conflict Course, Army National Guard Recruiting Course, Radiation Course, Transportation of Hazardous Material Course, Global Command and Control System Course, Strategic Workstation Course.

In 1987, Mark married Marie Cooper, an Oconee native, and they have lived on Clotfelter Road for 30 years. They have two children, Mack and Mason, both North Oconee High School graduates.

After his retirement from the military, Mark served the community by working at North Oconee High School for three years with the administrative staff and assisted the Athletics Program with sporting events.

Mark was elected to the Commissioner Post 4 in 2013. Since his election, he completed the Certified County Commissioners Program in 2013 and completed his Associates Degree in May 2014 in Criminal Justice. He was re-elected as Commissioner Post 4 in 2016. He currently serves as a member of the Hard Labor Creek Management Board; alternate member of the Upper Oconee Basin Water Authority; County Legislative Coordinator with the Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG); Chairman of the ACCG Finance and Revenue Committee; Oconee County Liaison for Georgia Civic Awareness Program for Students (GCAPS); and has completed the Regional Economic & Leadership Development Program of the Georgia Academy for Economic Development.

Mark is honored to represent the citizens of Oconee County as the Post 4 Commissioner.