Rezone, Special Use & Variance Requests

Update: The March 16, 2020, Planning Commission meeting has been canceled. Rezone and special use cases will be rescheduled for the next available Planning Commission meeting.

The following items will be heard at the April 20, 2020, Planning Commission meeting and May 5, 2020, Board of Commissioners meeting (note: variances are heard at the BOC meeting only):

Rezone #P20­-0009, Tommie L. Dukes, ±12.14 acres, AR­-3 (Agricultural Residential Three-Acre) to AR-­3 with Modifications to Rezone #3576, South of Apalachee Downs Drive. Residential.

Special Use #P20-­0012, Sabina Brock, ±1.5 acres, AG (Agricultural), Intersection of Union Church Road and Evans Road. Artist’s Studio 

Rezone #P20-0013, John Alan Drew, LLC, ±4.52 acres, AG (Agricultural) to B-1 (General Business); South of Georgia Highway 316, West of Dials Mill Extension and North of Dials Mill Spur. Commercial