Rezone, Special Use & Variance Requests

The following items will be heard at the June 15, 2020, Planning Commission meeting and the July 7, 2020, Board of Commissioners meeting (note: variances are heard at the BOC meeting only):

Variance P20-0035; DGDF Holdings, LLC; ±19.28 acres; AG (Agricultural); West of Cliff Dawson Road; Agritourism.

Variance P20-0053; John and Angie Howell; ±0.922 acres; R-1 (Single Family Residential); Intersection of Julian Crossing and Julian Drive; Residential.

Variance P20-0091; Stonebridge Partners, LLC; ±39.55 acres; R-1 (Single Family Residential); East of Hog Mountain Road and West of Stonebridge Parkway; Residential.

Rezone #P20­-0009, Tommie L. Dukes, ±12.14 acres, AR­-3 (Agricultural Residential Three-Acre) to AR-­3 with Modifications to Rezone #3576, South of Apalachee Downs Drive. Residential.

Rezone #P20-0013; John Alan Drew, LLC; ±4.52 acres; AG (Agricultural) to B-1 (General Business); South of Georgia Highway 316; West of Dials Mill Extension and North of Dials Mill Spur; Commercial. 

Rezone #P20-0092; Connie West, ± 7.72 acres; AG (Agricultural) to AR-3 (Agricultural Residential Three Acres); East of McRees Gin Road; South of Ashford Road; Residential.

Rezone #P20-0030; William B. Jones, ± 32.079 acres; B-2 (Highway Business) to B-2 (Highway Business) with modifications to rezone #7702; Southwest Corner of US Highway 78 and Mars Hill Road; Commercial.

Rezone #P20-0034; Lee Dorman and Courtney Tuten Dorman; AG (Agricultural) to AR-3 (Agricultural Residential Three Acre); East of Old Bishop Road; Residential.