Rentals, Rules & Policies

View Facility Reservations for Courts, Pavilions, and Trails in our Park System:

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Thank you for your interest in Oconee County Parks and Recreation Department facilities. Please see below if you are interested in reserving a park facility. 

  1. Review the Park Rules & Regulations and Facility Policies. 
  2. Complete the Rental Request Form and email Facility Rentals
  3. Please note Rental Request does not guarantee reservation will be approved.
  4. Appropriate park staff will review request and determine if request is granted or denied.
  5. Park staff will notify you of decision.
  6. Payment is due once request is approved. 
  7. In the case of tournaments and/or special events, a deposit may be required. This must be paid at time of reservation request approval. Remaining fees due dates are outlined in the Facility Request Policies.
  8. Renter must provide Proof of Insurance, if required.

Questions? Please call 706-769-3965.