"go LOCAL"

Local Initiative

The “go LOCAL” initiative was developed based simply on economics.  Over the past few years, local businesses have been hit extremely hard through the economic crisis facing our state and nation.  In effect, this initiative is our own small economic stimulus – completely at the local level – and without extra spending.  The “go LOCAL” initiative is about spending money locally that we already planned to spend – not spending more money!

This is a voluntary effort to stimulate the economy in the Oconee County area promoted through the Oconee County Economic Development Department and the Oconee County Chamber of Commerce.  There is no membership fee.  There is no punch card.  This effort is simply designed to ask you to commit to better your community for today and the future.  There is no cost for you to participate!

What you will receive is a layered benefit for yourself and your community.  Businesses will benefit through more traffic and more sales or services provided.  By increasing their volume, their business will become stronger.

Also, you are paying taxes whenever and wherever you make a purchase.  Everyone hates paying taxes, but most people don’t think twice about paying taxes for someone else by purchasing goods and services elsewhere.  You are either supporting your fire department, your schools, and your libraries OR you are paying for someone else’s road, law enforcement or parks.  Supporting local businesses means taxes remain low in your community rather than paying down someone else's obligations.

Go Local

Supporting Local Businesses

By supporting local businesses (PDF) we:
  • Are keeping local stores and offices viable
  • Are helping keep our friends and neighbors employed
  • Are keeping our tax dollars local
  • Are indirectly helping local charitable causes (studies show that businesses with greater support from the community contribute more to local charitable causes)
  • Can create $1 million or more of direct annual spending locally without spending any more money
  • Are supporting our roads, our emergency services, and our schools – not someone else’s.
  • Create additional opportunities for support businesses within the community