Water & Sewer Services

Water and wastewater service is provided by the Oconee County Utility Department.  Infrastructure suitable for large-scale industrial or commercial development is located in many locations throughout the county.  For water and wastewater service, you should contact the Oconee County Utility Department to determine what specific fees or charges may be applicable to your business.   Click here to view the water & waste water rate structures (PDF).

Natural Gas Providers

To establish natural gas service in Oconee County, you must contact an available service provider.  The Oconee County Economic Development Department can provide information on a site's specific gas infrastructure. Customers can choose from a wide array of available providers within the state of Georgia. For more information, visit the Georgia Public Service Commission website or call 866-839-5838.

Electrical Services

Georgia Power and Walton EMC provide power to your home and company.  Each company has an assigned geographic territory, so you may be restricted to one company or the other depending on where your business's location.  Depending upon the electrical load of your business's operations, you may be able to choose between the two providers via a competitive bidding process.  


To meet your communication needs, a variety of operators provide service throughout Oconee County.  Internet services are provided by AT&T and Charter Communications, and Comcast/Xfinity to various parts of the county via fiber-optic, cable, and DSL services. Wireless cellphone service is available within Oconee County by a number of nationally-known service providers. 


Oconee County is crisscrossed by a number of state and federal highways. These highways provide easy access to the Interstate system, other major highways, and ultimately destinations across the country. 

State and Federal Highways

Oconee County is criss-crossed by a number of four-lane state and federal highways, including:
    • State Highways: GA 8; GA 10; GA 15; GA 24; GA 53; GA 186; GA 316
    • Federal Highways: US 29; US 78; US 129; US 441


There are two major Interstates to the north and south of Oconee County:
    • Interstate 85 (25 miles north of Oconee County), 
    • Interstate 20 (30 miles south of Oconee County)
    • Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (70 miles)
    • Athens’ Ben Epps Airport (12 miles)
    • Barrow County Airport, Winder (12 miles)
Rail Access
    • Rail Access: along U.S. 29 in Bogart (CSX) & eastern portions of Oconee County (Norfolk Southern)

Major Highways in Oconee County

Major Highways