Oconee County has a very stable and predicable tax rate for inventory, property, sales taxes.  For commercial and industrial entities, taxes are assessed on real property (meaning land and buildings), personal property (meaning equipment, computers, and fixtures).  Sales tax is collected on all retail goods at the point of sale.

Inventory/Freeport Tax

Oconee County does not collect taxes on manufactured goods which are held for less than 12 months at its location.  This includes raw materials used in the manufacturing process, goods that are in the process of being manufactured, and finished goods that are being warehoused for distribution. In other words, Oconee County exempts all industrial inventory from Freeport Taxes which are held for less than 12 months.

Property Tax

All real and personal property within Oconee County is taxed on an "ad valorem" basis. This calculation utilizes 40% of the fair market value for the property. The 40% value is multiplied by the millage rate to calculate the property taxes owed. 

A simple way to calculate your approximate ad valorem property taxes in Oconee County is to assume your taxes will be about 0.95% in unincorporated Oconee County up to 1.1% in the municipalities of Oconee County.

Example of Taxable Property Values

Fair Market
Value of Property
40% Assessment
(Taxable Value)
2016 Tax Rate/Millage Rate
(County + Schools)
Tax Bill
$1 million
$400,000 taxable value
23.736 mills
(or 0.23736 multiplication factor)

Sales Tax

 Sales Taxes are collected on retail purchases made within Oconee County. Presently, purchases within Oconee County are currently subject to a 7-percent sales tax, with some state authorized exceptions for food items, business-to-business transactions, and certain professional services.  Manufacturers can claim a tax exemption from all sales taxes related to energy used in their manufacturing process.

The 7-percent sales tax is made up of a Local collection and a State collection. The State of Georgia receives four percent of the sales tax and Oconee County receives three percent of the sales tax.  

The sales tax collected by Oconee County is used in the following ways:  
  • One percent is the Local Option Sales Tax, and it is distributed among the local governing bodies for in Oconee County. 
  • One percent, the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST), is approved by the voters to fund specific capital improvement projects within the county. 
  • One percent is collected by the Oconee County Board of Education for capital improvement projects.