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Join Us in Oconee County

Why would I relocate to Oconee County? We're glad you asked! This is a great place to grow a business and raise a family. From a dedicated workforce, to a top-quality education system, to a small-town environment with numerous amenities - Oconee County is for you. Your selection of Oconee County will be highly beneficial, and the positive business environment will support your efforts. The community has a mixture of infrastructure, amenities, and a workforce that will ensure your success in the business market. Moreover, your business will be located in an area where your employees will enjoy working.
Lane Creek

Available Properties

Existing buildings and appropriately zoned properties are available within the community. Many of these locations have been identified by the Economic Development Department. Further, the Oconee Industrial Development Authority can be of assistance through the financing of your project through bonded indebtedness.

Education Benefits

Regarding location and workforce, Oconee County is at the doorstep of the University of Georgia and the University of North Georgia, which both provide significant research and learning opportunities for students. Additionally, Oconee County benefits from having Athens Technical College nearby to provide students the foundation necessary for numerous skilled jobs within the region. Athens Technical College and Georgia QuickStart are currently providing workforce training for Caterpillar. Oconee County's schools (public and private) are also assets for the community as students consistently exceed state and national averages on nationally benchmarked exams.

Tremendous Economic Opportunity

Oconee County is unique in that it is small geographically but still boasts tremendous economic opportunity in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, commercial, service, and agriculture. Population within Oconee County remains relatively small at roughly 33,000 in 2013. However, over 300,000 people reside within 20 miles of Oconee County and approximately 1.5 million people reside within the 50-mile draw area surrounding Oconee County.

Highly Educated Community

Oconee County also has a tremendous workforce! Progressive Farmer magazine cited Oconee County as being a rural community with the 8th highest percentage of college-educated residents in the nation!

Moving For Better Education

It was stated best by the late Dr. Neeraj Datta who moved his biotech business to Oconee County in 2005. "[W]e were looking for a 'home' where we could get great education for our kids and also a business friendly environment to grow our biotech business. After a lot of research, we moved both our home and business to Oconee County. The Economic Development office of Oconee County helped us in every way possible to relocate and settle into Oconee County. It's proven to be the best move for both our family and our business."