Why Choose Oconee County

Promoting a Business Environment That Allows Your Business to Succeed

Oconee County is a progressive community that has retained its charm and hospitality. The recognition by residents that quality jobs are desirable within Oconee County helps foster a positive business environment. Nestled between two major cities (Atlanta and Athens), transportation networks are in place to allow your business to have access to southeastern, national and international markets through the interstate system and Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Thrive on Diversity

Oconee County's economic development efforts thrive on the tremendous diversity of the business community. From small mom and pop businesses to new manufacturing facilities serving international corporations, Oconee County offers ample employment opportunities in a variety of industries. Dubbed the Artland of Georgia, Oconee County is also home to hundreds of artists and creative entrepreneurs who contribute to the local economy through numerous art exhibitions and galleries. Throw in a number of nationally renowned retailers in the Epps Bridge Parkway shopping area and an emerging medical community along the GA-316 corridor and you have access to a wealth of resources which leads to a higher quality of life. Big things continue to happen in Oconee County and northeast Georgia!

Highly Skilled Workforce

Why are these things happening? Oconee County and the northeast Georgia region have a highly-skilled workforce capable of filling both technical and skilled jobs. These quality employees are a product of a positive work ethic and exceptional training grounds for your employees. The Oconee County School District continues to exceed state and national benchmarks. Athens Technical College teaches numerous skills to students enrolled in its programs, and the University of Georgia and the University of North Georgia teach a number of principles required to succeed in today’s business environment.

Great Amenities

Not only will Oconee County and the northeast Georgia area provide you with a great workforce and business environment, you will also be afforded access to great amenities such as parks, shopping, dining, culture and major college athletics. You and your employees will enjoy the opportunities available to you in Oconee County.