Recycling/Waste Centers

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Note: If you live within the city limits of Watkinsville or Bogart, please contact your city hall for more information about trash and recycling pickup:

  • Watkinsville City Hall: 706-769-5161
  • Bogart City Hall: 770-725-7386

All Oconee County residents are able to use any of the five Recycling/Waste Centers listed below. There is no charge for recycling at these centers. Pay-As-You-Throw bags for household waste are available for purchase at each site.

Oconee County does not offer residential trash service or leaf and limb pickup.



The Hwy 441 Recycling/Waste Center in Farmington is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

All other Recycling/Waste Centers are open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday 8 a.m to 5 p.m. All sites will be closed on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

Recycling/Waste Centers will be closed on Oconee County Government holidays.

Use of the Recycling/Waste Centers is limited to citizens of Oconee County with residential recycling and household waste. No commercial or business use is allowed under Oconee County's Solid Waste Ordinance. Please be prepared to show proof of residency to the attendant upon entry. You may use your vehicle registration or driver’s license. (If you are new to the county, you can show a utility bill in your name to prove residency – the name must match your driver’s license.)

Recyclable Items

Examples of items that can and cannot be recycled

Recycling is available free of charge for the following items:

  • Cardboard/Paper (no shredded paper)
  • Household plastics #1-7 (remove handles); no commercial buckets or drums; no plastic bags or plastic film/wrapping
  • Aluminum and metal food cans and glass 
  • All items must be free of residue; leave lids attached
  • No tanglers (e.g. hangers, plastic film/grocery bags, bucket handles, etc.)
  • For all other materials, see info on disposing of hard to recycle items

Reach out to us with your questions at 706-310-3560.

Note: Oconee County Recycling/Waste Centers collect recyclables in a dual stream system with glass, plastics, steel and aerosol cans co-mingled and paper and cardboard products co-mingled. 

Large or odd-shaped metal and steel items must be placed in the scrap metal pile at the Hwy 441 Site.

Information & Pricing

Pay-As-You-Throw Bags

The pricing is as follows:

  • Blue bags - $2.50
  • Remaining stock of small magenta bags - $2 

You are welcome to use either the blue bags or any remaining magenta bags you may have on hand!

Other Fees

Fee DescriptionFee BasisRate
Tipping Fee - Leaf & Limbper ton with $12 minimum$35
Tipping Fee - Household Solid Wasteper ton with $12 minimum$65
Tires without rimeach$7
Tires with rimeach$10
Bulky Items (mattresses, box springs, furniture, other large items)each$25

Pay-As-You-Throw Bags (PAYT) for household garbage, which may be purchased on-site or at area grocery and convenience stores, may be taken to any collection & recycling site. All other materials can only be accepted at the Hwy 441 Recycling/Waste Center

All Recycling/Waste Centers accept checks. The Hwy 441 Recycling/Waste Center accepts checks or credit cards. Recycling/Waste Centers cannot accept cash.

Waste Reduction Guidelines for Oconee County

  • All scrap metal (old appliances, grills, lawn mowers, etc.) can be taken to the Hwy 441 Recycling/Waste Center at no charge
  • Computers and most other office equipment are no longer accepted and should be take to the CHaRM Facility
  • For other types of waste, or trash and debris too big for a PAYT Bag, a large "roll-off" container is available at the Hwy 441 Recycling/Waste Center ($65/ton).
  • The Hwy 441 Recycling/Waste Center will accept scrap tires for a fee; passenger vehicles only.
  • Motor oil can be recycled at the Hwy 441 Recycling/Waste Center and Rankin Road Recycling/Waste Center; cooking oil is accepted for recycling at all sites. OILS MUST NOT BE MIXED OR CONTAMINATED WITH OTHER LIQUIDS (E.G. NO ANTIFREEZE, ETC.).
  • All materials that cannot be recycled or reused have a disposal fee based on weight. For questions call 706-769-3915.
  • As a reminder, the State of Georgia prohibits littering and burning household garbage. Loads must also be secured in vehicles while traveling.