Animal Problems

If it is an emergency, please dial 911.  For your convenience, a listing of animal problems that may arise and the appropriate agency or department for you to contact has been compiled.

Animal Control Contacts

Problem Phone Number
Adoption Inquiry
Animal - Injured or Critically Ill (Owner Unknown), Any Animal Bite, or Trapped 706-769-3956
After Hours Phone: 911
Dead Animal Removal
706-769-3912 (County Only, must be by the road.)
706-769-5161 (City Limits Only)
Nuisance, Running at Large, or Welfare 706-769-3956
Stray Livestock or Injured Wildlife 706-796-5665 (Sheriff's Office)
Surrender or Reclaims 706-769-3956
Wildlife Removal and Relocation 706-202-6696 (White's Wildlife Removal, Richard White)
770-918-6408 (Department of Natural Resources)