Roads & Bridges


P.O. Box 145
Watkinsville, Ga 30677
706-769-3912 Phone
706-310-6030 Fax


The essential mission of the Roads & Bridges Department is to repair and maintain all County primary roads and residential streets and rights-of-way, as well as traffic signs and signals and storm water drainage.


  • Major Road repairs done in preparation for resurfacing, with and without GDOT assistance.
  • Pothole and surface repairs to all County roads and streets.
  • Grading, graveling, and improving dirt roads in preparation for asphalt surfacing.
  • Maintenance and repairs to surface drainage ditches, pipes, and culverts.
  • Maintenance of grass, trees, shrubs, and general condition of County rights-of-way.
  • Placement, repair, and maintenance of traffic signs and signals.
  • Maintenance and repair of side and center striping on all County roads.
  • Removal of litter, dead animals, and other debris from County roads.
  • Operation of County vehicle fueling facility.
  • Repair and maintenance of all departmental vehicles and equipment.
  • Winter snow and ice control as necessary.
  • Response to citizen requests and problems.

Logging Permit Applications

Return completed Logging Permit Applications to the Road Department via fax at 706-310-6030, email, in person, or mail to 1150 Industrial Drive, Watkinsville.

Photo of Road Department Staff Standing in Front of Road Equipment
Photo of Public Works Personnel Paving a Road