Photo of Public Works Crew Paving a Road

The function of the Engineering Division of Public Works is to manage the various road construction projects, the annual resurfacing program, bridge maintenance work, and several construction projects that are undertaken by Oconee County to maintain and improve the transportation infrastructure of the County.

The goal is to provide safe and efficient transportation systems and infrastructure that not only meet the current needs of the County and its citizens but will also support and sustain the future growth of the County. The challenge that the Engineering Division faces is to plan for these systems and infrastructure improvements in a manner that:

  • Balances the public need and desire
  • Meets the technical requirements for a safe and sustainable infrastructure
  • Performs the work within the available public budget and funding
  • Maintains a plan that is flexible to meet the changing needs of Oconee County and its citizens

It should be noted that the Engineering Division programs are in addition to and compliment the daily operations of the Road Department in the maintenance of the County road system.