Bond Procedures

Property Bond

The surety’s property has to be located in Oconee County, Georgia.  

The property is improved real estate, meaning that a house was built on site. Mobile homes cannot be used for a property bond.

The surety’s identification is listed in Q-Public records to confirm ownership of the property.

There cannot be any pending tax payments on the property.

The equity in the real estate is a minimum of four (4) times the value of the bond. 

All owners of the property sign the affidavit on the bond in the presence of a Jail Officer.

Transfer Bond

Contact the county that the property is in.  

That county will advise of their rules and regulations of their property bond procedures.

Cash Bonds

Money has to be the exact amount of the bond.  No change will be given.

Bonding Fee

All bonds except transfer bonds require a $20.00 cash bond fee.  Bonding companies are responsible for their bond fees.