Proposed 2021 Water & Wastewater Standards

Oconee County Water Resources is currently in the process of updating the design specifications for the Water & Wastewater Standards. A new Specifications Book, including updated materials, procedures, documents, and new technologies, will ensure high quality water and wastewater infrastructure installation in Oconee that meets current industry standards and which continues to remain current with modern technologies, best practices, and surrounding counties.

Oconee County Water Resources welcomes your comments on these proposed updates. Please email Adam Layfield or call the Oconee County Water Resources Office at 706-769-3960 with your comments on the proposed updated standards. Updated standards are expected to go into effect January 1, 2022.

Proposed Updated Water & Wastewater Standards 2021

Summary of Proposed Changes to Water & Wastewater Standards

2011 Water & Wastewater Standards