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The essential mission of the Sanitation Department is to provide an effective and efficient method of disposal of household solid wastes for County residents, and an effective method for recycling common waste products for which cost-effective markets exist.

Information & Pricing


Pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) bags and recycling may be dropped off at any of the six collection sites/recycling centers (locations and hours listed below).

Garbage bags (PAYT bags - the only ones accepted at the centers) are available for purchase at all the collection sites/recycling centers. The cost is $2.00 for a 15 gallon PAYT bag and $3.00 for a 52 gallon PAYT bag. The bags are also available for purchase at various grocery and convenience stores in Oconee County.

Bulk garbage (brought in on trucks) may be disposed of at the Macon Highway collection site/recycling center. Garbage fees are $60.00 per ton, with $7.50 minimum.

Yard waste fees are $25.00 per ton with $7.50 minimum.

All collection sites/recycling centers, except Macon Highway, accept checks only. Macon Highway accepts checks or credit cards. As of 1/2/12, the Macon Highway site will no longer accept cash.

Use of all sites is limited to ONLY Oconee County residents.

Oconee County Collection Sites & Recycling Centers

All collection sites will be closed on Monday, September 5 for Labor Day

Hours of Operation (all sites):

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8:00 - 5:00
Saturday 9:00 - 4:00
Sunday 1:00 - 5:00
CLOSED Tuesday & Thursday


Hog Mountain Road
(State Route 53@ Carrithers School Road Intersection)

Greensboro Highway
(State Route 15 @ Green Ferry Road Intersection)

Mars Hill Area
(Jimmy Daniel Road @ GA 316 Intersection)

Butler's Crossing
(Rankin Road)

Macon Highway (Old Landfill)
(US 441 - one mile south of Farmington)

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to closing if you have yard waste or bulk garbage to allow staff to close on time

Fees for Macon Highway Center Only: 
Bulk Solid Waste Disposal - $60.00/TON ($7.50 Minimum Charge)
Bulk Inert Waste Disposal - $25.00/TON  ($7.50 Minimum Charge)

Waste Reduction Guidelines for Oconee County

Let's Talk About Trash!

If it can't be recycled or reused:

Old sofas & mattresses (brown goods) must be taken to the Macon Highway collection site (old landfill) on 441 South near Farmington ($60/ton).

White goods (old appliances/scrap metal) can be taken to the Macon Highway collection site and placed in the scrap pile at no charge.

Computers and most other office equipment may be taken to the Macon Highway collection site and placed in the electronics recycling section at no charge. Televisions are NOT accepted for electronics recycling, they must be disposed of as solid waste.

Inert materials (tree limbs, stumps, yard trimmings), if no other solid waste material is mixed in, can be dumped at the Macon Highway collection site for $25/ton.

Construction and demolition debris is accepted only at the Macon Highway collection site at the same $60/ton fee as municipal solid waste.

For other types of waste, or trash and debris too big for the Blue Bag, a large "roll-off" container is available at the Macon Highway collection site ($60/ton).

The Macon Highway site will accept scrap tires for a fee ($3 each); passenger vehicles only, no rims.

Oil can be recycled at the Macon Highway and Butler's Crossing collection sites.

Burning household garbage is prohibited in Georgia.

If you see someone littering or dumping along Oconee County roadways please call Oconee County Code Enforcement at (706)769-3907.

All materials that cannot be recycled or reused have a disposal fee based on weight. For questions call (706)769-3915.

Batteries: Used Ni-cad rechargeable batteries can be disposed of at the following locations:
Batteries Plus - (706)354-8444
Radio Shack - (706)353-7650


Reduce all you can!

Reuse what you can!

Recycle when you can!

Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) Bag System

Federal regulations now require changes in the disposal of solid waste (garbage). Garbage must be contained in a county approved "PAYT Bag" to be accepted at a collection site.

The PAYT Bags cost $3.00 each. These bags are the only garbage bags allowed at the collection sites. The $3.00 bag fee helps to pay the cost of garbage disposal at a state approved landfill. The large PAYT Bag is a 52 gallon plastic bag with the Oconee County logo imprinted on the bag. These bags are available at area retailers (grocery & convenience stores). Smaller bags (15 gal.) are available only at collection sites for $2.00.

For an alternative to using the PAYT Bag system, contact a commercial hauler who will collect your household garbage for a monthly fee.

Our volume based PAYT Bag system lowers monthly costs for citizens interested in controlling their garbage disposal fees. Use of the PAYT Bag with recycling is even more economical. Recyclables can be disposed of free at any of the county collection sites. Volume-based disposal is based on the simple idea that the more garbage you create the more it will cost you to dispose of it. THE $3.00 YOU PAY IS NOT FOR THE PAYT BAG but to help pay the disposal costs! The PAYT Bag system lets you pay for ONLY the garbage that YOU create.

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