Oconee County Property Appraisal Department


The mission of the Property Appraisal Department is to establish fair market values for all real and personal property in the county.  These fair market values are to be compiled into a tax digest for use in calculation of mill rates for the Board of Commissioners, Board of Education and all city governments.  These mill rates are then used by the Tax Commissioner for determining the tax bills each year.


Maintain a list of tax property parcels and ownership; continually update sales of property in the county in order to produce sales trends for appraisal; maintain conservation use covenants for landowners in the county; continually update the tax maps; measure and evaluate all new construction and changes to already constructed property; maintain lists and values for all mobile homes and marine vehicles in the county; compile values of all real and personal property into a tax digest; provide assistance to taxpayers by maintaining property record cards that are available for their study and use; maintain all street light fees on applicable lots.


Allen Skinner, Chief Appraiser
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P.O. Box 145
23 North Main Street
Watkinsville, Georgia 30677

Phone: 706-769-3921
Fax: 706-310-3497

Hours: Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Property Appraisal Personnel:

Allen Skinner, Chief Appraiser
D. Trent Crawford, Assistant Chief Appraiser
Diane Lilienthal, Administrative Secretary
Brian Bray, Tax Appraiser III
Nathan Evans, Tax Appraiser II
Carol N. Gurley, Tax Appraiser II
Chris Neal, Tax Appraiser II
Amanda Shelton, Tax Appraiser II

Oconee County Board of Assessors:

C. Wade Clark
David Francis
Greg Hayes
Hugh Larkey
Ed Lord
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