Welcome to the OCPRD Coach Corner! 

OCPRD relies on the commitment of hundreds of volunteers to successfully run our youth athletic programs season to season. From the soccer field to the basketball court, you can make a difference in the Oconee community. We created this page for you, the volunteer coach, in hopes that it is a better resource for each and every coaches no matter which season or sport. 

Upcoming season needing coaches - Spring 2018: 
  • Youth Soccer
    • Under 6 Boys and Girls Leagues 
    • Under 8 Boys and Girls Leagues 
    • Under 10 Boys and Girls Leagues  
    • Under 12 Boys and Girls Leagues 
    • Under 15 Boys and Girls Leagues  

Coaching Requirements
All volunteer youth athletic coaches must complete the following:
1. Complete a Volunteer Coaches Application (see forms)
2. Submit an original copy of the Criminal History Consent Release form
3. Submit an original signed copy of the Criminal History Check Procedures form
4. Provide a copy of his/her driver's license
5. Complete free online CDC Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports training
6. Complete the NYSCA Training
Attend one
Wednesday, November 8 at 6:15 pm in the OVP Community Center 
Thursday, November 16 at 6:15 pm in the OVP Community Center 

 OCPRD by the Numbers (Winter 2016/17 - Fall 2017)
Youth Soccer (Spring)
1,057 players
110 Volunteer Head Coaches
Youth Flag Football
232 players
22 Volunteer Head Coaches
Youth Tackle Football
241 players
60 Volunteer Coaches 
Youth Soccer (Fall)
819 players
82 Volunteer Head Coaches
Youth Basketball 
727 players
78 Volunteer Head Coaches
Totals 3,076 players 352 volunteer coaches

Practice Drills & Ideas - Coming Soon

Volunteer Coach Resources

Application Forms

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