Info for Site Selectors

  1. Interactive Map of Properties

    Our interactive map showcases our commercial and industrial properties. Demographic data is incorporated into each search, and local GIS files provide info on water/sewer, school locations, zoning, and future land use.

  2. Gateway Technology Business Park

    Oconee County's publicly owned industrial park is called the Gateway Technology Business Park. It is owned by the Oconee County Industrial Development Authority, whose mission is to assist large companies invest in Oconee County. The park is reserved for companies that plan to invest large amounts of capital into their expansion project and/or create high-wage jobs.

  3. Demographics

    The people of Oconee County are very well-educated, productive, and financially secure. Learn more about our community by taking a deep dive into our demographic data to see why major companies are are investing in Oconee County.

  4. Local Economy

    This section of our website provides data on Oconee County's economy. This includes our mix of industries, the largest employers in the county, a summary of our regional manufacturing profile, and a database of all the businesses located in Oconee County.

  5. Links to Our Partners

    We have wonderful partners that help out community achieve its goals. This page contains all of the links to our partners.

Interactive Property Map

interactive map
Our interactive map hosts many of the county's available commercial/industrial parcels, as well as available buildings for lease/sale.

Gateway Technology Business Park

Oconee County's Gateway Technology Business Park is an ideal location for light industrial companies looking for shovel-ready site.