Animal Services

The mission of Oconee County Animal Services is to protect animals by providing a safe, compassionate shelter for lost, stray, and unwanted animals. Re-home adoptable animals through a vigorous adoption/foster program, educate the public about humane care and responsible pet ownership, and the importance of pet sterilization. Serve citizens through the fair and impartial enforcement of state and county regulations pertaining to animal welfare and ownership. Work closely with other county departments, agencies, and volunteers to benefit and improve animal welfare in the county, and when unavoidable, to provide humane euthanasia.

  • Serve, Protect, and Education; To Serve the Public, To Protect the Animal From Harm and to Protect the Complainant’s and Alleged Violator’s Rights, and to Educate the Public in Responsible Pet Ownership
  • Promote Animal Adoption Programs in the Community by media, print and the internet
  • Assist the Rabies Control Officer
  • Bite Prevention and Recognition of Rabies and Animal Behavior
  • Enforce Oconee County Animal Control Ordinances and Issue Citations Accordingly
  • Investigate Reports of Animal Cruelty and Neglect
  • Pick Up Stray and Abandoned Animals
  • Rescue Sick and Injured Animals
  • Humanely Capture Stray Dogs and Cats
  • Visit Schools
  • Work Closely With Other Agencies and Rescue Groups
  • Rescue Sick and Injured Animals